Full 7 inch Touch Panel

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barcode : ARC-PM7

It is necessary to look for new modern possibilities for being different, except that using the admin panel in smart home can be of great value to smart home owners, it is also a luxury and modernization of the home.
Arc Management Panels are able to communicate with all devices, sensors and smart home modules. You can control brightness, scenario implementation, ventilation control and cooling systems, heating, electric control, control Alarm, music player and more.

It has a standard global intelligent network port, color and touch screen
Ability to control infinite brightness header segments by using different operators
Ability to control and plan scenarios very simply (by default 12 scenarios)
Possibility to control the brightness as desired or control the color of colored and full color LCDs
Possibility to control the cooling, heating and air conditioning systems, including fan coil, package, water cooler and ...
Possibility to control the music playback module with the ability to separate the various spaces (4 outputs 25 watts)
Possibility to control and manage all electric valves (gas, water, pressure, etc.) and electrical and telephone sockets
Possibility to control openings and openings of the electric curtain or up and down of network or power methods
Possibility to accurately control all industrial and laboratory sensors and send information through the network or ...
Ability to control and manage and receive SMS through notifications and reminders
Possibility to control and open the electric entry doors or shutters
Interconnect audio interconnection between admin panels (intercom)
Connectivity to call in emergency situations
Connectivity to motor detectors and magnet sensors to control entry and exit
Connectivity to gas leak detector for home security
Connectivity with monitors via HDMI port
Ability to select the menu language of the device (Persian, English and Arabic)
Connectivity to the computer network via the RJ45 port
The ability to connect traditional keys along the touch panel of each room
The ability to load each room image on the smart room panel and control the brightness
Communication with reception in luxury towers and hotels to receive a variety of services including cleaning, services and ...
Ability to send notifications and bills to residents by the building manager and ...
Ability to control all the actions listed through the remote and Android software from home with Wi-Fi internal and outdoors with SMS.