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کد محصول : AT-07L

The New Generation BAS-IP AT-07L IP video intercom indoor monitor is designed with a 7-inch stylish IPS touch-screen colour display and aluminium case, with a rich interface operating on Android 6.0 OS.

It’s powerful with a highly configurable, user-friendly interface, easy-to-install, and suitable to be installed in diverse usage scenarios such as apartments, villas, office space, and buildings.

EAN-5060514913567 (Black)
EAN-5060514913550 (White)
EAN-5060514913574 (Gold)
EAN-5060514913611 (Silver)

Mounting benefits
High definition screen
The AT-07L monitor is primarily distinguished by its very high definition screen, and thanks to the proprietary image enhancement technologies, its extremely high elaborations are felt. Screen elements appear crisp and the colour is unobtrusive and realistic.